Operation Finish Day with Five Points: SUCCESSFUL

**ahem...not counting the four flex points I spent on two glasses of red wine. (I'm no masochist).

Food for the rest of the night consisted of:

  • Zero Point Garden Veggie Soup

  • Half a bag of 96% fat-free popcorn

  • 1 Boca burger w/salsa

  • 1 cup of green beans (w/ a point worth of butter)

  • 1 Sugar free fudgesicle.

I'm so freekin proud.

Typically I would have told myself to screw it and eat whatever else I felt like since OBVIOUSLY I had already sabotaged the entire day. Not so, inner fatty! I like coming out victorious. ;)

Also I need to print this and paste it to my fridge:

Ice cream is my arch nemesis. It wouldn't be a problem if we had some low fat (not NON-FLAVOUR) varieties @ the grocery store. The best I can find are the Skinny Cow ice cream bars (which at $7/box will have to be reserved for special occasions).

I'm finding it difficult to stick to my planned meals when the rest of the famjam is still eating horribly. I find myself having ten minute conversations (with myself) about whether I should eat the left over pizza in the fridge, or NOT eat the left over pizza. Eat it? Don't eat it? And I go back and forth highlighting the pros and cons and the repercussions I'll face if I just eat the freekin pizza already. It's kind of exhausting. I'm hoping that with time, it too will pass. (Before I have to check myself in to a mental facility anyway).

Enough Negative Nancy. On the other side of the spectrum I'm having a FANTASTIC time with my work outs. When I leave the gym I feel SO energized...and then I go home and go to bed. I wish I could change my work out times to the am, but a 5am wake up call definitely isn't going to work for me right now. Um...or ever...lol.

I can't believe its already time to weigh in again tomorrow. The weeks are FLYING by.


I just had a fight with a box of 100 Calorie Pak M&Ms

The M&M's won.

All SEVEN packages are now residing ever so happily in my belly.

I have 5 points left to last me till the end of the day. OH JOY!

Long Overdue

In the past two weeks I have:

1. Been robbed at gun point @ work.

2. Reunited with an ex.

3. Started dating 'The Ex'.

4. 'The Ex' once again became 'The Ex(squared)'

5. Been involved in a minor car accident.

6. Went without heat for a week and a half while my furnace was replaced. In this weather:

7. Lost 8 lbs!

As easy as it could have been, I haven't lost focus. I think the 'near death experience' really opened my eyes, and helped me see that I haven't veeb living my life to the fullest.
I've let so many experiences and opportunites pass me by because of my weight, (but mainly my insecurities about my weight) that I really haven't been living at all.
Sure I go through the motions, but I'm not being truthful to myself. That's what I want to accomplish the most out off all this: I want to be my true self. I don't want anything to hold me back.
Its sort of how I've realized that losing weight isn't really the dreaded task I've been putting off for so long, rather, its so completely freeing. I can compare it to how amazing I feel after I gut through my house, getting rid of all the unwanted junk and garbage. And really, that's EXACTLY what I'm doing with my body.

I've been really lame at keeping this blog updated and encouraging my teammates, but I really have had a lot on my plate. Things seem to be settling down, at least the stress levels aren't so high, so I plan on devoting a lot more time updating. .
Altbough I haven't been posting, I've still been reading the blogroll and I'm amazed at how well some people are doing. I totally thought I had this contest in the bag!

Haha I'm definitely gonna have to kick it up a few knotches!

*insert profanity here*

This week has been the craziest, most emotional, life changing freekin rollercoaster ride in recent history.

I don't have much time right now, but I'll update 2moro.

I am however down 6.4 lbs...which I'm quite happy with.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings with it some normalacy, cause holy crap I could use it.

Do they make Diet Coke patches?

Based on yesterdays MASSIVE headache, and all the episodes of "Intervention" I've been watching lately, I've come to the conclusion that Diet Coke has been doing some crazy messed up things to my body.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit but prior to this Sunday past I have been drinking about 5-6 cans of Diet Coke...daily. I don't know what it is about the dark, caffeine-y goodness of a cold glass of DC, but I absolutely love it. I'm not a huge coffee fan (unless there's liquor in it), and I'll drink tea on occasion to warm myself up, but DC was my daily caffeine burst. It was what I drank when I needed a little 'wake up'. I know that diet pop is a freebie on WW, but I've always known in the back of my head that it REALLY isn't good for me. Not to mention all the statistics and studies linking aspartame to cancer, and PREVENTING weight loss. So I quit it.

And then the lack of caffeine KICKED MY ASS. It kicked my ass SO hard I didn't even get out of bed yesterday. That's messed up, right?

I'm feeling a little better today, all though the headache still hangin out, and making itself at home. I'm filling up on H20 instead, drinking as much as I possibly can without having to attach a permanent catheter...cause OMG, PEE MUCH?

I'm sure my body's just in a mass state of hysteria wondering what the heck is going on, and why all of I sudden I'm actually treating it properly. I'm hoping it won't take much longer to adjust.

Today's Menu!

Breakfast: 1 Slice of Light Rye Bread - 1 whole egg + one white - 1 oz of cheddar - tsp of margarine.

Snack: 2 small clementines

Lunch: 2 Blue menu chicken strips mixed with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber, on 2 small whole wheat tortillas. Drizzle of Cal-wise Ranchers Choice on each. Side of Cucumber and salad dressing for dipping.

Snack: A big juicy plum

Dinner: Fresh Salmon fillet (baked on cedar plank w/Dijon mustard), side of chicken flavoured wild rice, and steamed broccoli


Homework = accomplished!

Stayed with in my meal points, incorporating an abundence of fresh fruits and veggies = check!

Busted ass at the gym = check!

Suffering from the absolute WORST headache I've experienced in YEARS EVER! = check, check!

Weekend Homework

Homework....what a dirty word *shudder*

However, I thought I'd jot a list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend so that when things start full throttle on Monday I'll be MORE than ready.

Ashleigh's List of Things She Needs to Accomplish This Weekend So That She Has No Excuses When it Comes To Kicking Ass on Monday!

1) Get the Ipod loaded and ready to go!

After bidding farwell to Old Faithful (my first generation ipod purchased eyonds ago) to Apple heaven, I purchased one of these shiney hot pink badboys on Boxing Day. His name is Henry. Henry and I are going to be GREAT friends.

2) Plan the CRAP out of my meals for next week.

This really, really isn't appealing to me...BUT with all the great resources I have now (aka over a hundred blogs with PICTURES and RECIPIES, and HEALTHY MEAL PLANS) thanks to the blbe2 challenge...I really have no excuse.

3.) Get to the gym and renew my gym memebership.

My yearly membership expired about a month ago, while I've still been able to use it month to month basis, I think committing to a new year will help me stay motivated. That and I'm pretty sure they'll throw in a few free months. (Oooh look, losing weight is saving me EVEN MORE MONEY).

4. )Pick up a copy of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

To some she's a scary-workout-slave driver, to me? SHE'S AMAZING. The boot-camp-in-your-face style TOTALLY does it for me. I hope I'll still be singing her praises after day one. Eeek?

5.) Pick up a new lunch bag, and lunch holding....materials??

If I'm going to have to bring my lunch to work/school, I'm going to have to have a cute lunch bag. I really like the "lunch bento" box idea...and there's a lot of inspiration on flickr. Perhaps I'll give it a shot.

I'm sure theres a million other things I can think of, but as long as I get these things accomplished I think I'll be good on Monday. Dun Dun Dun...the dreaded Monday...except this time it really feels different, y'know?

Preppin for the big race ;)

So it's already been a couple of days since my first post.

I've sort of been taking the time to mentally prep myself for the task that I'm about to take on (and to get in as many calories as I possibly can). I wish I completely kidding. I seem to be treating every meal as if it's going to be my last, which I know isn't true. If I plan my points, and increase the activity points, I know I can still eat the things I love. What it needs to come down to though is, since this is A 'lifestyle' change...do I really need to continue eating the things I love (but are generally bad for me), or do I need to modify and change the things I love? I know the answer...it's just hard to admit.

I've already made a rather big change this week in bringing my lunch to work. This is HUGE for me. Even all through high school I was a cafeteria girl. The thought of planning out what I want to eat, preparing it the night before (because GOD FORBID I wake up any earlier than is completely necessary!) and then trekking it to work in tupperware and ziplocks that I'm sure I'll lose/misplace/forget to bring home...then keeping cold or reheating the meal...*shudder* get thee to the nearest drivethru. HOWEVER, this week really hasn't been that bad. I've only abandoned my lunch in the fridge ONCE in favour of hitting up Subway with a co-worker. Not to mention with the money I've saved already I could easily pay for my monthly gym membership, or if we're gonna be realistic here...a new pair of shoes!

I'm beyond ecstatic to be part of TEAM ANGIE (FTW!). I've got a few hours this afternoon that I plan on devoting to getting to know my team a bit better, and checkin out the competition ;)

Happy Friday to all!

So it begins!

So I`ve contemplated for a looooong time whether or not I was going to completely put myself out here.

Do I want the entire blogosphere to have access to my weight…to my ‘before’ pictures…to my inner most thoughts and feelings? Umm HELLS NO. However, I’ve been fighting this battle for so long on my own. I think this platform is EXACTLY what I need for a push, for strength, and most importantly for accountability.

I’ve been reading weight loss blogs for SO long now, following so many amazing women (and even some men) dedicate their lives to weight loss and SUCCEED. I’d read these blogs (often times on my lunch break, all the while shovelling something dripping in grease down my throat) and I’d think ‘dude, I can TOTALLY do this’…and then I’d eat another Big Mac and all ambitions were lost.

Have you ever heard the saying “she carries her weight well?” well I’ve totally had myself convinced that I’ve being doing exactly this. Apparently I’ve been carrying around an extra 124 pounds in my ‘back pocket’. I believed that since I was still getting hit on at the bar, being complemented, never teased or mocked about my weight that maybe I was cheating the scale. Amazing right?

One thing I could never explain were the pictures that would constantly show up, (often times in the form of ‘tagged’ pics on facebook) and I’d think MY GOD who is that blimp? Maybe the camera really DOES add 10(0) lbs

I’m done lying, I’m done hiding, and I’m done not being the absolute BEST I can be.

BLBE2 – exciting stuff right? I watched first season go down and I was SO impressed with how much work was put into it. Angie deserves a friggin medal with all the time and encouragement she’s devoted to this contest. And Michelle (the blbe1 winner) for totally bustin’ her butt and losing 10% of her body weight in 15 weeks, amazing! The support, the camaraderie, the motivation, its palpable and I want in!

I have a lot of ideas to try and keep this blog interesting, transformation pictures, recipes, some video posts. I‘m excited to chronicle this journey, to get to know a lot of you better, and to lose this freekin weight already!

Its gonna be a fun ride

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