Mexican Math

A wonderful missmash of fresh veggies (aka what I had in the fridge @ the time). Chopped up in itty bitty pieces.


Smoky pork tenderloin - marinated in a rub of smoky cumin, chili powder, adobo, paprika, and a pinch of salt. Seared in a pan, then baked @350 for 45mins. Let stand for 20. Slice er up and throw back in the pan with some more of the rub seasoning and a little stock.

2 ripe avocados (pic borrowed from google, cause they were forgotten in the veggie pic, oops) mashed up and mixed with the chopped veggies.

Plated on a light tortilla wrap, guac-salsa, fat free sour cream, and some shredded cheddar.
Seriously these things MELT in your mouth. It worked out to about 10pts for this big boy cause I stuffed him up good, but OH so filling. I don't get why people eat at places like taco bell when faux-mexican is SO easy to create at home, and it sure tastes a hell of a lot better.

*hides head in shame*



It won't be back for long. I have plans to dance it off tonite.


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