I'm exhausted.

I've actually just gotten over the h1n1 virus. It sucked just about all the life and energy I had in me. I spent a week straight in bed. High fever, whole body shakes, chills, headache, nausea, and an old man chest cough.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work and ...I dont wannnnna :(

It will be good to get back into a proper routine again.

Being sick sure made healthy eating a lot easier. I went crazy with the liquids to stay hydrated, ate teeny tiny meals whenever I could stomach it (which usually involved Mom's homemade chicken soup).

I'm going to try and ease into things this week, keeping my meals small, and drinking the h2o all day long. I've given myself until this weekend to figure out what meal plan I'm going to follow, what methods I'm going to use to get this weight off. Being sick definitely gave me the kick start I needed. I can't wait to feel completely healthy again. Each day, I'm getting closer.

20-Things-Tuesday...things that make me ridiculously happy :)

Clean sheets!
Especially those that have been hung to dry on the clothes line on a warm summer day.
I would change my sheets daily if it weren't for the fact that it would be next to impossible to get me out of bed every morning.

Driving with the windows down, the radio up, while singing my heart out.
Maybe even a steering wheel drum solo, or ten. Just those hardcore good driving days that make me feel like I haven't a care in the world.

Finding the last item of clothing, in my size, 50 % off.

Forehead kisses.

Random, unexpected texts/emails.

Afternoon naps. Just 'cause.
Especially on cold, rainy days. Or when I should be doing absolutely anything else but napping. It's always the best when you shouldn't be doing it.

Reading a good book.
Knowing I should really put it down and go to sleep, but not being able to because just! one! more! page!!

Animal print.
I know it can be tacky, but I just can't resist it. Come to mama.

Red wine glow.
The warm, cozy, glowy feeling you get after finishing a glass of red. Mmm.

Hot steamy showers.
Watching my skin turn bright red with the temperature of the water.

Checking off things on my 'to-do lists'
Sometimes I even add things I've already accomplished, or are a complete given...just so I can scratch it off. (i.e. breathe oxygen).

Watching peoples reactions after taking the first bite of my cooking.
Only when it's good. Thankfully, its usually good. lol.

Belly laughs.
Laughing so ridiculously hard, that your stomach muscles feel like they're on fire, and you can barely breathe, let alone laugh any more.

Kitchen dance parties.
They can't typically be planned (however, sometimes this method works). But the best kitchen dance parties are typically random, and spur of the moment, and take place between 1-4am.

Random road trips with friends.
(with the windows down, music blasting...naturally)

Getting the perfect shot, SOOC
Sure photoshop is my friend, and I love the retouching process, but there's nothing quite like getting just the perfect shot you were aiming for without any adjustments required.

Sitting around the kitchen table till early in the morning.
Especially at the cottage, with my famjam, and bestests. The best storytelling goes down then.

In all shapes, and styles and colours. But especially these ones. *drool*Add Image
Head/Scalp Massages
I would get my hair done weekly if I could afford it, simply for the shampoo/scalp massage that accompanies it. I chose my stylist simply on their ability to massage my head. LOVE.

Near or far, short trips or long stays. Destination is irrelevant. I love exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. I could spend hours scouring the web planning dream vacations. Just knowing there's a vacation in the works is enough to get me through the week.


So funny how days turn into weeks, and weeks into months and then all of a sudden -holy crap - it's NOVEMBER!

I've abandoned my little corner of the blogosphere, but I'm here now...down on one knee, begging for forgiveness. "I just didn't mean it baby".

Truth is, my blog and my "real life" happened to collide. I panicked. "Surely I can't let people in my real life know that I'm FAT and that I've been writing a WEIGHT LOSS BLOG". Unfortunately it's taken me about nine months to realize that...well...people in my real life...HAVE EYEBALLS. I'm not fooling anyone. I don't have to live some *hidden* weightloss double life. I kindof wanna embrace it, and encourage it. Sure it's a lot easier to come clean when you're hidden behind anonymity, but this could be good too.

I was going to put off writing again tonight but I thought that since today is the first day of NOVEMBER (wtf?) making it officially NaBloPoMo (http://www.nablopomo.com/), it would be really good motivation to get my butt in gear and get writing once again. Everyday. For an entire month. (...which isn't sounding like such a great idea now that it's out of my la-la-head). Regardless. I'm doing it.


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