Preppin for the big race ;)

So it's already been a couple of days since my first post.

I've sort of been taking the time to mentally prep myself for the task that I'm about to take on (and to get in as many calories as I possibly can). I wish I completely kidding. I seem to be treating every meal as if it's going to be my last, which I know isn't true. If I plan my points, and increase the activity points, I know I can still eat the things I love. What it needs to come down to though is, since this is A 'lifestyle' I really need to continue eating the things I love (but are generally bad for me), or do I need to modify and change the things I love? I know the's just hard to admit.

I've already made a rather big change this week in bringing my lunch to work. This is HUGE for me. Even all through high school I was a cafeteria girl. The thought of planning out what I want to eat, preparing it the night before (because GOD FORBID I wake up any earlier than is completely necessary!) and then trekking it to work in tupperware and ziplocks that I'm sure I'll lose/misplace/forget to bring home...then keeping cold or reheating the meal...*shudder* get thee to the nearest drivethru. HOWEVER, this week really hasn't been that bad. I've only abandoned my lunch in the fridge ONCE in favour of hitting up Subway with a co-worker. Not to mention with the money I've saved already I could easily pay for my monthly gym membership, or if we're gonna be realistic here...a new pair of shoes!

I'm beyond ecstatic to be part of TEAM ANGIE (FTW!). I've got a few hours this afternoon that I plan on devoting to getting to know my team a bit better, and checkin out the competition ;)

Happy Friday to all!

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