Let's give this one more try, shall we?

I have no excuses (no legitimate excuses anyway).

I just can't seem to catch on to the blog flow, I always manage to fall out of it just as quickly as I pick it up. I read fitness/weight loss blogs daily and while I read I itch to contribute, to encourage, and I long for the support that certain blogger communities offer. So here we go again.

I've been thinking hard about starting this battle for at least a month now BUT I've managed to put it off by convincing myself it would be far too cliché to start fresh on January 1st. I wasn't going to be another failed new years resolution. Meanwhile back at the ranch all's that I've accomplished in that time is putting myself a month behind schedule. Anyone else feel like that voice in their head is their biggest enemy? Forget the devil my shoulder, I've got a massive fat chick in my head that doesn't ever shut up. She's constantly encouraging me to take another bite, eat another piece, shovel down another serving. She's always offering up new and unique ways for me to avoid exercise..."ex...er..cise? pfff, you don't need to move! look at all the pretty things on tv". I freekin HATE this chick. I'm sounding BEYOND schizophrenic right now, aren't I? lol. But really...it's time for Bessie to get the f@#! out. It's going to be a DAILY battle, but I've never felt more excited to get this done once and for all.

Goal One: 12 Weeks

3 months. 84 days. 2016 hours. Doesn't matter how I break it down, this is the amount of time I've given myself to complete Phase One of Operation Fat Take Down. I'm going to have to call in every single freekin enforcement that I can possibly can. It's going to get messy. There will be unexpected obstacles, sneak attacks, enemy fire. There will be battles that will have to be fought every.single.day. It's not going to be easy, and it is going to hurt, but I know that I'm stronger, and I know that I will succeed. I'm not giving myself any other option.

The weapons I`ve recently acquired:

• A new gym membership (5 minute drive from my house). Since the move I've found it far too easy to talk myself out of going to the previous gym so I cancelled that membership and switched to a new location. I managed to get a better rate than what I was previously paying, a better membership (towel service, and use of any location), and it's a much nicer place (more equipment, women's area, indoor track and basketball court, massive pool and hot tub).
• Personal training sessions. Holy shit they're expensive. I plan to get every single dollar worth. I'm hoping that the fact that I will definitely feel the blow from the cost of each weeks session will motivate me to get the most from it.
• Menu planning and tracking.
• Gym bag packed and loaded (with cute new gym outfit, lulu water bottle, freshly loaded ipod, and my favourite runners).

I plan on elaborating on my goals for this week in tomorrows post but just so they`re already documented here for me (and so Bessie can`t talk me into putting them off for one more day) I`ll include them here.

- Absolutely no restaurant food. This is a HUGE one for me. My current pattern of eating has me eating out at least one meal per day. While I'm not always making terrible choices, I want to see how well I can control my eating on my own terms. Doing without Subway is going to be my biggest challenge. I'm seriously considering leaving my debit card at home so that I have absolutely no way to purchase food, but I'm going to test my will power first.

-Hitting the gym 4 out of the 7 days. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

-Write down absolutely everything that goes into my mouth. I downloaded the Lose It app for my ipod touch, I'm going to try using that to see how it goes, but I think I'm also going to write everything down in a small journal so that I can keep a record, and document my internal battles a little better.

Buckle your seatbelts, here we go!

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