So funny how days turn into weeks, and weeks into months and then all of a sudden -holy crap - it's NOVEMBER!

I've abandoned my little corner of the blogosphere, but I'm here now...down on one knee, begging for forgiveness. "I just didn't mean it baby".

Truth is, my blog and my "real life" happened to collide. I panicked. "Surely I can't let people in my real life know that I'm FAT and that I've been writing a WEIGHT LOSS BLOG". Unfortunately it's taken me about nine months to realize that...well...people in my real life...HAVE EYEBALLS. I'm not fooling anyone. I don't have to live some *hidden* weightloss double life. I kindof wanna embrace it, and encourage it. Sure it's a lot easier to come clean when you're hidden behind anonymity, but this could be good too.

I was going to put off writing again tonight but I thought that since today is the first day of NOVEMBER (wtf?) making it officially NaBloPoMo (, it would be really good motivation to get my butt in gear and get writing once again. Everyday. For an entire month. (...which isn't sounding like such a great idea now that it's out of my la-la-head). Regardless. I'm doing it.


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November 2, 2009 at 10:05 AM

Hehehe OMG I missed your cuteness around here ;-) Welcome back!

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